MPR Founder & Consultant/Advisor

Linda is a survivor of  the most extreme haunting type of all.  Linda at one time was a client of
other paranormal groups who were unable to help her in her unique situation or just simply
lacked the humanistic capacity to see a job through in which they started.  Like Steven, she
saw the need for a group which would adopt and adhere to a set of professional protocols and
standards with a humanistic approach which would not run out on their client and leave them
in the dark alone to face their problem.  

With her extensive background including interpersonal skills and security, along with surviving
an extreme situation she has returned from a period of self healing and finding to now help
others who may find themselves in the same situation she once was.

Like Steven, Linda iis not looking for proof of the paranormal.  She knows that it exists and that
there are many people who need the proper help and assistance.
Investigative Coordinator & Consultant -
Equipment & Evidence Specialist

Terry is a ten year plus veteran of the paranormal research and investigative field who has now
also partnered with Missouri Paranormal Research bringing his expertise and fine tuned  skills to
MPR and the clients we serve.

While being partnered with MPR, Terry will also still remain Administrator of his well established
Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri and maintain his very informative website which provides the
paranormal community with outstanding resources including a database of Missouri's haunted
places throughout the State.

MPR and Terry's Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri have worked together so well  on some very
important recent investigations which brought the client and paranormal community some
extraordinary evidence and data.  As such, we both felt that such a permanent partnership would
serve the best interest for both groups involved, the clients we serve and the paranormal
community  as a whole.  This partnership will also provide a very experienced pool of
investigators for every haunting type imaginable and allow investigators from both groups to work
together well into the future of paranormal research.

Terry's great resources and investigative data can be found on the internet on his website at:
Founding Investigator - Videographer

Tracy, a founding member,  was an instrumental element in the moulding and forging of the
original concepts, visions and  humanistic values  which still  serve as the backbone of MPR  
today.  Tracy has a life long history involving the Paranormal and utilizes her professional
experience in the field along with more sensitive and empathic abilities to serve the MPR
Family and the clients we serve.

Her experience, dedication and values serve as a role model to all other MPR Family members
as she places our clients and other team members above all else.  Her leadership and fine
tuned skills serve as an example to all others involved in the paranormal research and
investigative field.
Sensitive Investigator - Researcher

Theresa is an experienced sensitive investigator and researcher who has come from the
paranormal trenches of other investigative groups.  Whith her she brings a wealth of
experience and professionalism to the MPR family and the clients they serve.  Like the
majority of our family, Theresa has had paranormal experiences her entire life including
currently residing in a house which is haunted.  She is well experienced with the research
needed in this field and has a personal passion with researching about historical places
and properties.  She is a firm believer in the Humanistic approach and a believer that a
haunting in a client's home is a new and confusing experience and a private part of their
lives that many of them dont want to admit, because of the fear of people not believing
them. She believes that respecting the client, their family and their home as well  is a very
important beginning to any investigation.

Theresa has studied and is very knowledgable of law enforcment procedures and has
served in various supervisory and management positions which are great additional
attributes to both MPR and our clients.  She has a life long intrest int he paranormal and
has read numerous paranormal books and related material which gives her an
exceptional knowledge of the many theories, aspects and documentation involved within
the paranormal realms.  
Paranormal Photographer & Investigator

Tom who is also a member of one of our MPR certified network groups, Ghost &
Haunts in Missouri, has also joined the MPR Family and will be bringing his professional
services as a well experienced photographer and investigator.  Tom is a freelance
photographer who has been operating his own business for over five years.  He has
also returned school to further his education and is currently in process of completing
his Bachelor's Degree in photography.

Tom has been a dedicated paranormal investigator who has experienced paranormal
activity since being a young child.  He has always just figured such activity has been
common place and something that people just get use to.  His wealth of experience
and his adherence to a strict set of standards will benefit both MPR and the clients we
serve and his ability to be at the right place at the right time for capturing paranormal
evidence will benefit the entire paranormal community as well.

Tom and Angie also provide their professional photography and graphic services to the
public through their independent business located online at:

Parapsychologist - Sensitive Investigator - Forum Manager

Sona is a much welcomed and valued addition to the MPR family.   She brings the serenity
strength and wisdom of the white light with her to both the MPR team and the clients we
serve.    Not only does she serve as a sensitive investigator of all haunting types, she also
brings with her a very well versed knowledge of the unknown realms as a graduate with
honors in the Parapsychology field.  She is also one in tune with her cosmic origins as she
holds a certificate in Astrology as well.  

Sona like most of the MPR family has also been exposed to a multitude of paranormal
events from age 8 to the present including past co-inhabitation with the paranormal in two
very active haunted homes.  To her the Paranormal is just a normality of life.  Sona is also
very kowledgeable in all areas of theology surrounding the unknowns within the
paranormal realms including metaphysical and other ancient alternative ideologies and
practices.  Her wide range of experience and knowledge is a vital humanistic attribute to
MPR and the clients we serve.
Investigator - Paranormal Photographer - Researcher

Tootie is a very versatile member of the MPR family who serves our clients, team  and the
general paranormal field in any capacity she can.  Being a professional published
photographer with over three decades of experience along with a life long exposure to the
paranormal , she primarily serves as a paranormal photographer and investigator for MPR.  

Tootie is also the "green thumb" of the group as currently she lives on a sprawling farm that
she runs with her husband Larry.  They have numerous orchards, gardens and ponds

Tootie is the most enthusiastic and friendly paranormal investigator one could ever
encounter.  Her high spirits and enthusiasm serve as an example to everyone she meets
while also serving as a great motivation to all who work with her.
MPR Photo Analyst - Investigator - Researcher

Angie is very welcomed addition to the MPR family and while also a member of one of our MPR certified
network groups, Ghost & Haunts in Missouri, she will bring her professional services and experience
to MPR as well.  She comes well equipped with several years of on hands photographic and graphic
design experience with training in a wide variety of animation and photographic software.  While
working with film and photographic media, she has already earned her Associates Degree in
Photography and is in process of earning her Bachelor's in both Photography and Graphic Design.  
Angie is also a member of Ghost & Haunts in Missouri, one of the special groups within the MPR
certified network.  Already equipped with the humanistic values of MPR she will be providing her
professional services as the new MPR Photo Analyst and aide as an investigator when needed.

She grew up in a house known to be haunted and has lived with paranormal activities all of her life.

She began investigating the paranormal about five years ago while attending Southeast Missouri State
University with several friends of hers and it has become and obsession of hers ever since.

Tom and Angie also provide their professional photography and graphic services to the public through
their independent business located online at:

Sensitive Investigator, Researcher & Case Coordinator

Placing the client first has always been natural for Melissa as she comes to the MPR family
from the nursing and social services realms.  Melissa is a very people orientated person
who knows how it is to loose a loved one very close to you when least expected.  She
understands the extreme grieving process thoroughly which is invaluable as well for the
clients we serve.

She also has a very special empathic gift from the creator and brings that as well as her
dedication and humanistic values to every investigation we conduct.  Melissa is able to add
that touch of specialness for the client's wants and needs.  Her paranormal experiences
started as a young teen when she worked at a daycare which had heightened activity.  
These experiences also heightened her ability as well which now makes her a very valuable
resource for the MPR family and paranormal community as a whole.

Many times Melissa will be the one you will speak to during the interview and coordination
Steve M
Investigator & Equipment Technician

Steve M comes to MPR with 16 years experience in the computer/networking field with
running his own small business for 8 years.  He also has 4 years experience in the
amusement machine industry.  Because of the extensive electronic device background
Steve M applies a lot of that experience to investigate the paranormal on the scientific
end of the field.  Further equipped with experience in law enforcement he has been given
a desire to help other people who are having problems understanding their paranormal
experiences which gives him a more humanistic approach to the paranormal which will
greatly benefit the MPR Family and the clients we serve.

"I believe I would be classified as more of a skeptic in that I will always try my best to find
a natural explanation for the activity first and whatever I cant explain is evidence of the
paranormal.  But having experiences myself since a very young age I believe there is
more out there than we know."  Steve M
Researcher - Investigative Assistant

Clint brings his love of history and years of research skills to the MPR family and is a well
welcomed addition.  His research skills and knowledge of historical documents will
benefit both MPR and the clients we serve.

Clint has also been a human resident of a very haunted place for about 5 years as a child.  
As such, he fully supports and appreciates the humanistic values MPR brings to their
clients.  Time permitting, he will also serve as an investigative assistant.
Researcher - Investigative Assistant

Sandy has had recent experiences with paranormal happenings including trips to
Scotland which have furthered her exposure to both paranormal happenings and a
paranormal enriched culture which have peaked her interest to learn more about the
unknown realms.

Sandy is a small business owner with 18 years experience in social service and law
enforcement.  She also holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice/minor in Sociology.  
She enjoys the investigating as well as researching and is looking forward to further
developing her skills in these areas with MPR and further adding to the professionalism
we bring to the clients we serve.
Junior Investigator

Elliot has survived an extreme haunting which put him in tune with the paranormal at a very
young age.   As such, he has gained a further interest in the unknown and is currently serving
as a Junior Investigator on the MPR team to learn the valuable skills needed to become a full
paranormal investigator.

With his investigative experience thus far and his dedication he has become an instrumental
attribute for both the MPR Team and Clients we serve and will become an invaluable resource
as a next generation leader in this field.
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Researcher - Investigative Assistant

Nancy brings her experience with various court house documents and library research to the
MPR research team and is a valuable addition to both the MPR Family and the clients we serve.

Nancy has also experienced the paranormal realms at a very young age.  With her past
experience of the unknown, she will also serve as an investigative assistant to gain the
valuable experience needed to become a full paranormal investigator.
MPR Founder & Administrator


Steven is the Founder of the Forum and MPR.  He is an Administrator and Consultant for
both.  Steven is a lead investigator who focuses on extreme private hauntings.  He has
been a featured guest on several radio stations across the US and filmed for inclusion in
two paranormal documentaries.   His short story is being published by Barnes and Noble
in 2006 and he hopes to go out on the lecture circuit soon after that.  Many ghost groups
around the country have adopted his idea of the Humanistic Approach to investigation.

Steven has an extensive background in interpersonal communications.  He worked as a
corporate trainer for a number of years and is an excellent speaker.  His interest in the
paranormal happened when he moved into a extremely haunted location with his three
children.  One way to get him to an investigation quickly is to tell him that there is a child

Steven's views differ from most in the paranormal field.  Due to his personal
experiences, he is not looking for proof of the paranormal.  He knows that it exists.


Greg  is an Administrator of Missouri Paranormal Research and its Open Forum.  Greg is
also a Lead Investigator and EVP Specialist for MPR and investigates all forms of
paranormal activity.  Greg shares Steven's concepts and values of the Humanistic
Approach to investigations and became part of Missouri Paranormal Research in August
of 2005 and instantly became an instrumental element in the collection and analysis of
evidence in a case involving an extreme "inhuman" haunting and possession.

Greg is one that shares the philosophy that paranormal investigations can come with
many unknown dangers which are not properly addressed by most of the paranormal
research field.  This and other important issues are overlooked and need further
advocation to current and future researchers and investigators within this field.

Greg has had personal paranormal encounters since being a teen and is well versed
with haunting classifications, investigative techniques and leadership through example.
Greg has served as a technician and supervisor while serving in the military and has
further enhanced his education and abilities with legal issues while serving over ten
years in the legal field. With his background of legal issues, lobbying experience and
issue advocation, he hopes to apply these skills to the enactment and strengthening of
"haunted house" and "psychological impact" disclosure laws for prospective property
owners, tenets and lessees.  Greg also has an extensive background in genealogical
research and familiarization with record research vital to the research of potential
haunted properties.

Greg believes in the adherence to a strict set of ethical guidelines and standards
within an investigation which places the client and their privacy above everything else.
Faith Advisory Team Coordinator - Researcher -
Forum Manager

Tim has been a very well versed addition to the MPR family.  He is a retired
Firefighter/EMT and Electrician who is currently an amateur radio operator with a
technician class license and is undergoing studies to become a Baptist Preacher.  With
his Catholic upbringing and conversion to fundamental Christianity along with his
respect and knowledge for other faiths and religions, Tim is a well qualified choice to be
the Coordinator of  MPR's Faith Advisory Team and will also serve as a Christian
Fundamentalist Advisor for both MPR staff and the clients we serve.  He will also serve
as a researcher in this area and afford MPR his superior experience and knowledge of
building and electrical safety when needed.

Tim has survived an extreme haunting situation as a child and is currently living in
haunted environment as well.  Like the majority of the MPR Team Members, his
personal life long experience with the "unknown" is greatly beneficial to both the MPR
family and the clients we serve as well.  He also currently serves as a Manager on the
on line Missouri Paranormal Research Open Forum where he also shares his past
experiences and advice for the members there as well.
Founding Investigator & Child/Adolescent Consultant

Eliza has also survived an extreme  haunting which taught her that such
experience is an invaluable resource for others who are going through what she
once did.  Equipped with her past experiences and her intercommunication skills
with children and adolescents, she serves as a very valuable resource for such
who are in need of her assistance.
Assistant Administrator - Sensitive Investigator

Judy is an Assistant Administrator of Missouri Paranormal Research and its Open Forum.
 Judy, also one of MPR's "sensitive" investigators, will tell you that she considers her
special abilities a "curse".  However, we at MPR will tell you that her abilities are a true
gift and very beneficial for investigations and the clients we serve. Judy also believes in
and adheres to the Humanistic Approach to investigations and a very strict set of ethics
and standards when it comes to the paranormal and our clients.

Judy has been exposed to the paranormal her entire life and has lived in haunted places
at various times since childhood.  Her special "sensitive" abilities have given her a
diverse insight of the paranormal and of the veiled dangers within its realm. As such, she
has the utmost respect for the paranormal.

Judy also has an extensive background in genealogical research and familiarization with
record research vital to the paranormal field.  She also comes to MPR well equipped with
issue advocating and lobbying experience which will also serve to the benefit of MPR and
the entire paranormal community. | | | | | | | |