Welcome to the Shared Photo Library.  This is where you get to share your paranormal and
unexplained photo's and videos with the world.  Please unless it is the most awesome orb or
vortex you have ever seen, do not send them in.  It would be very easy to fill a photo library with
a thousand different orb photo's.  What we wanted to see is some really amazing stuff.  At the end
of the year, we will be voting on the photo of the year!  So, send them on in.  You never know.
The below set of photographs were submitted by an old friend of an MPR investigator.  A full
analysis has not been performed nor has an opinion to the authenticity of these been formed at
this time.  The location where these were captured quite possibly has paranormal activity as
experienced by MPR on earlier investigations conducted.  These are being displayed for your
viewing pleasure and in memory of someone special who has passed to the other side before it
was their time.
Click on the below thumbnails to view at full size.
We at MPR believe the above series of photographs captured by Marilyn's
close friend Tanya represent the opening of a vortex or portal and the
manifestation of possibly Marilyn's spirit.

A photograph of Marilyn taken before her death is pictured below.
In memory of Marilyn Trollin
June 1984 - June 2005
Below is a photo hobbyists enhancement of one of Tanya's pictures at the top of this page.
This gives a bit more of a three dimensional humanistic aspect to the anomaly caught in her
great picture above.  Thank you for this submission.
The below is a submitted photograph of a possible shadow entity taken in the Zombie Road
area in October 2005.  Though this one does not have the exact same photo characteristics
as the one caught on an MPR investigation in the same month, it is still very unique.

For the full picture click on the small thumbnail below.
The following is a series of three pictures that Tom, an investigator of both MPR and
Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri, caught while awakened from noises in the closet and from
the empty room on the other side of the wall in the middle of the night .  This moment was
also accompanied by a very noticeable cold spot.

These were taken only seconds apart.  With the absence of anything reflective enough to
cause the bright anomaly or from any light source other than the camera flash there then
seems to be a lack of an explainable cause for the bright anomaly caught.

Some have theorized that this could be the possible opening of a vortex or portal.  What do
you think?

You can click on the thumbnails below for a full size picture.
The below picture was taken in the Union Cemetery close to the home of the Union
Haunting.  Though several "explainable" causes can be interjected to the reasons of the
whiting out of the picture, etc.  You will notice an area on the right side of the upper
portion of the tree which appears to have the face of a demon.  Even though "matrixing"
can be listed for an explainable cause of this face, it is still a unique photograph either way.

You can click on the small thumbnail in that area of the picture to see a larger version of
this demon like face.  This was taken in September 10, 2005.

                                     Photo is the property of Greg Myers
Here is a great video clip caught by Tom of MPR in the haunted home he lives in.  Watch for
the black misty figure along with the shadowing on the wall with it.   This was just captured
on March 29, 2006.  Great catch TOM!!   This may not work with the AOL Browser and you
may have to open your Internet Explorer Browser to view.
                                    JonBenet Ramsey?

These photographs were sent to MPR from an anonymous source.  The first, larger one
above is the rear balcony area of the home after the Ramsey's moved out.  This Balcony is
the one that goes to JonBenet's room.  Note the anomalous translucent figure beneath the
balcony on the ground!

The smaller photograph below on the left is also the same home near the garage.  Note the
anomalous fog-like material caught in the picture which was not visible to the naked eye.

The smaller photograph below on the right was taken in Marietta, Georgia at the grave site
of JonBenet Ramsey.  Note the anomalous bright orb in the shadowing of the bush!  There
was no reflective material present within this area.  Both of the smaller photographs can be
clicked on for a larger size.

All of the below pictures were taken with a film camera and scanned into a computer by the
photographer.  There was also EVP's taken at the old Ramsey home in Colorado submitted
by the same person which can be listen to in our shared EVP section (Audio Library) of this
site.  You can click
HERE to go to that page to listen to the EVP's

For those that do not know much about this famous 1996 unsolved murder then you can
find out more information by clicking    
HERE    or    HERE
The below is another capture by Tom of MPR on April 25, 2006 in the Zombie Road area.  
MPR has learned by talking to some locals in this area that back in the 1960's and 1970's
when some hunters would be in the area Rabbit Hunting that sometimes a sighting of a
possible "Black Panther" would be reported.  Black Panthers are not a native animal to
Missouri, could these past sightings have been of possible shadow people?
The below pictures were captured once again by Tom while in the old Logan Medical
College basement area which is now part of the fine arts department of UMSL.  This area
was once used as a morgue to store cadavers prior to being bought and renovated by
UMSL.  There have been reports from students seeing a shadow person in this area of the
old building.  Tom utilized his still camera on a tripod while setting it to automatically take
pictures every 60 seconds.  Due to the use of this area, his flash could not be used.

The first two pictures below were taken on March 22, 2006.  These are back to back frames
60 seconds apart.  Note the strange shadowing in the second one and also how it cast on
the reflection of the floor.

The bottom two pictures were provided by someone who analyzed the frames from this
session.  They utilized a difference feature in their software which analyzed the before and
after frames and then it saturated the area showing differences and produced a fuller
image representing the differences.  This was able to be done due to the use of the tripod
and the frame area remaining exactly the same.

Although every explainable cause can not be ruled out, we thought that these were
interesting enough to share with others!  Click on the below pictures for a full sized
viewable version and be the Judge yourself.  Once again, THANK YOU Tom for another
interesting catch from the camera's eye.  MPR will soon feature a paranormal gallery
section for just Tom's paranormal captures.
THE OUIJA CLIP - The following is a very interesting video clip given to one of our team
members last year by a girl named Tara.  Our team member was told that this was done with
no one in the room while the board was on a vinyl tile covered concrete basement floor
with the video camera running.  We have no idea as to the authenticity of this very
interesting clip, we will let you be the judge on this video clip.  

This is a very large AVI video file of close to 25 megabytes in size.

Robin from our online Para-Forum has taken this original version and lightened it for easier
viewing.  This version can be viewed by clicking the button below.
The below picture, from the Zombie Road area,  was sent to MPR by a guy named Antoine.  
We looked at the exif file and the camera used is a Pentax Optio 60, shutter speed - 1/40
sec, aperture - 3.5 and internal flash not fired / he used a hand held external flash.  No
photograph editing or graphic program showed on the exif file.

Now while this is a bizarre picture with several potential shadow apparitions, we at MPR are
going to attempt recreations of this using a hand help flash.  I will note that one or more of
our sensitive investigators has witnessed ones of these shadow apparitions, the one
without perfect human form or like a female in an old funeral dress without the arms or legs
showing,  in the past.
The below picture was submitted to MPR from Bill.  This is from an undisclosed cemetery in
Southern Missouri.  The EXIF shows 1/60th shutter speed and aperture of 2.6 with a fired
flash.  Photoshop does show on the EXIF file, so on this you will have to be the judge until
we check and see if we can get a version without photoshop attached.

THANK YOU BILL for allowing us to post this amazing photo!!
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