If you are interested in doing a piece concerning our group, please contact us at the email link
located at the bottom of this section and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are a very well spoken group with one of our members trained in all forms of communication
including written and broadcast venues.   We are also available for lectures and presentations for
various groups and conventions.  We offer not only presentations on the paranormal, but training
as well on the Humanistic Approach of investigation, EVP, and Paranormal Photography.

Contact us at:
Steven LaChance, Founder and Administrator, of MPR will be appearing on Magick Mind
Paranormal Research Radio on Thursday August 31st from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. CST.  

This show will be hosted by Brian Leffler founder of
Minnesota Paranormal Investigators, a
member of and a contributor to books such as Jeff Belangers Worlds
Most Haunted Places, Communicating With The Dead, The Nightmare Encyclopedia.  
Brian also wrote for The Encyclopedia of Haunted Locations and has contributed to The
Minnesota Road Guide To Haunted Locations by Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk as well as
Haunted Minnesota by Hugh E. Bishop. Brian is currently working on his own book for
Schiffer Publishing entitled Ghosts: Minnesotas Other Natural Resource.

Brian is the co-host of a recent documentary release from Mindsplinters Films entitled
The True Story of the Woodland Haunting available now. Dennis Baker, the producer of
this video is planning a new documentary that focuses on Brian and N.M.P.I.
Steven LaChance, Founder and Administrator, of MPR appeared on Rob McConnell's
X-Zone radio show on Tuesday July 25, 2006.  Many aspects of the paranormal were
discussed during this show.

This show can still be listened to during this month (July) by going to the 'X' Zone archives

Steven was the 4th guest of the night, so you will have to scroll the media play to about the
3 hour mark.  After this month the show will then be available on disc from the 'X'Zone
archive store at:

MPR was also given a haunting case to analyze and assist on by this show.  Steven also
appeard again on August 9th, 2006  to discuss our progress and other paranormal issues!!  
This show can still be listened to during the month of August by going to the 'X'Zone
archives at:

Steven may well again be a guest on the show after our upcoming investigation of a
famous Historical Old Route 66 Business!

Steven and Greg of MPR will be guest on Full Moon Radio on Sunday August 27th from 8
p.m. to 10 p.m. CST.  Due to scheduling conflicts and show reformatting this date will be

Full Moon Radio is an escape from the average paranormal talk show, seasoned host Laura
Placeres presents compelling insight into the world beyond the veil. Full Moon Radio
entertains, educates and encourages listeners to think beyond the realm of everyday
reality by bridging the gap between conventional thinking and the discerning mind. Join
Laura and Sandy for exciting new adventures into the mysterious.

Sandy Jorgensen is a nationally recognized interior artist and designer, and has been
featured in mainstream magazines for her unique and intriguing work. A mother of five
children, she brings practical and other worldly advice and knowledge to the Full Moon
shows. Her life has proved to be generous with spiritual and supernatural experiences,
making her commentary especially interesting.

Full Moon Radio touches all aspects of the Paranormal, Psychic Phenomena Esoterica and
the Unexplained and controversial subjects that simply need to be discussed. This is an
upbeat, down to earth show. Each week we review paranormal news, discuss esoteric
topics and play cool music from independent artists. We discuss personal stories and talk
about listener's email. Interesting guests speak share their stories of the unexplained.
Full Moon Mayhem is a newer show with a supernatural kick. Based on entertainment
personalities, Mayhem hosts speak with independent filmmakers, authors, musicians and
artists about their creative talent. Even though the show is based on esoteric subject
matter; educational, environmental and societal subjects are discussed. Sometimes
serious, mostly fun, this show has a little for everyone. (
Full Moon Radio can be heard Sunday nights at 8:00 PM CST on Omnisound Radio One

The Full Moon Radio website is at
Contact Laura by email:

The Union Missouri Haunting will be featured as the season 3 opener on the Discovery
Channel's "A Haunting" series.  This episode will also include interview clips with Steven,
Linda and her psychiatrist and possibly others involved with the actual haunting.  This
should air sometime in October of 2006 so stay tuned to the program listing for this show.

The short story written by Steven concerning his short lived residency at the Union House
has been placed into the book "Weird Hauntings" which will feature collection of such
haunting related stories and published by the Sterling Publishing Company.  This was
originally scheduled for release in June, but has been pushed back to September 2006 now
and is available for pre-order though most major book distributors.  We have heard that
this collection of stories will be a ghost hunters and readers "must need"!

MPR Team Members were interviewed and filmed on a recent investigation for inclusion in
a full two hour documentary about the paranormal titled "The Other Side" by
Productions.  This documentary is scheduled for release in 2007.
Steven LaChance, the Founder and Administrator of MPR was a guest on the Lou Gentile
Show on Monday July 24, 2006.  Though Lou was still out due to an industrial accident, his
substitute host Cari Stone did an exceptional job of hosting this 2 hour show which went
into details of the Union Missouri Haunting and more.

We also have a copy of this show for your listening pleasure!
Steven LaChance and Melissa of MPR were guest on the Karen Stratman show on Thursday
June 29, 2006 which aired on KLPW 1220 AM Radio out of Steven's hometown of Union,
Missouri from.   Audio for the show will be posted here as soon as a copy is received from
the station.

We now have the show archived for your listening pleasure!  
On Tuesday, January 24, 2006, Administrator Greg of MPR and Investigator Tom of both
MPR and Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri, were on the 'X'Zone radio show hosted by Rob

Discussion was focused on various topics including Paranormal Investigations, The Union
House Demonic Haunting, Satan's Tunnel in Truxton, MO and much more.

This show is no longer available to listen to via their archives.  However, a disc containing
all of the shows for this month (Jan 2006) can be bought at the 'X'Zone archive store at:
On Monday, January 23, 2006, MPR's  Administrators Steven and Greg, were guest on APSR
radio hosted by Dr. Jimmy Lowery and his wife Heather.

Discussion was focused on the Union Missouri Demonic Haunting.  The show actually went
into an overtime hour making the total show 3 hours in duration.

This very lengthy and informative show can be listened to vis down load or stream at:

Download at:

Stream at:
On Tuesday, January 24, 2006, Terry the Administrator of Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri and
Tom an investigator of both Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri and Missouri Paranormal
Research were guest on APSR radio hosted by Dr. Jimmy Lowery and his wife Heather.

The joint private investigation conducted by Missouri Paranormal Research and Ghosts &
Haunts in Missouri of the private residence where Tom captured the spectacular
photograph of an apparition was discussed in detail.  

Renown psychic/medium
Derrick Whiteskycloud also made an appearance on this show to
give his reading on the apparition caught in the photograph and of investigation in general.

Download at:

Stream at:
On Sunday, January 8, 2006,  MPR's Administrators, Steven and Greg, were guests on
Ghostly Talk Radio.   During the course of the interview, The Union Screaming House was
discussed with focus on many of the awesome EVP's captured at the location by Greg.  

Steven and Greg, both, would like to extend their thanks to the awesome hosts and crew of
the show.  It was a fun experience for all involved.  Ghostly Talk has graciously provided to
MPR the links to their archive for this broadcast.

You can either download each segment from the links provided or can access the archive
through streaming audio.  MPR starts at the 30 minute point of Part 2 and continues all the
way through Part 3.

Turn off the page music at the bottom of the page and have fun!

Download Pt. 1 -

Stream Pt. 1 -

Download Pt. 2 -

Stream Pt. 2 -

Download Pt. 3 -

Stream Pt. 3 -
August, 2004
The Why? Files
A weekly paranormal radio broadcast with over
300 stations participating nationwide. The
discussion surrounded the Union Missouri

April 5, 2005 & May 10, 2005
The Dave Glover Show
97.1 FM St. Louis, Missouri
Discussed the groups activities,
investigations, and philosophies.

May 2, 2005
The Karen Stratman Show
1220 AM KLPW
Discussed the groups activities,
investigations, and philosophies.
Focused in depth on the Union
Missouri Haunting.

June 8, 2005
The Alex Pennock Show
1220 AM KLPW
Discussed The Union House and
group activities.

November,  2005
The Webster University Newspaper
Discussed Zombie Road investigation.
Music provided by local St. Louis
artist and musician Ian Baird.

To learn more about Ian and his work
click his picture above for his my space
or visit the official Spring Clock Wonder
website at :

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