Welcome to the Investigation section of the MPR site.  The
cases that you will find here are the cases where we have
gained permission to share our findings.  There are numerous
private residence cases where the client has reserved the right
to keep all of our findings private.  Never at anytime will MPR
infringe upon the rights or requests of privacy.  

In order to navigate around the Investigation area of the site,
use the navigation bar above this message.  You will find a lot of
information in this area.  Each individual investigation bar will
take you to the individual investigation page.  There you will
find a full MPR report on the investigation,  a separate area for
pictures captured during the investigation, as well as, separate
areas for EVP and video evidence collected.

We have also included for your convenience the
Ghost Weather
tab which will take you to a page to show you the weather for
current investigative conditions for your own use.

NOTE - Most of the investigations listed on this site are from
recreational and/or training investigations of known haunted or
urban legend areas with some private investigations in which
the client has allowed either full or sanitized disclosure on the
MPR site.  There are many private cases in which the client
wishes to maintain full confidentiality with no disclosure of the
location or evidence captured.  We at MPR place the client first
and respect their privacy and concerns.
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