Welcome to Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR).  We are a professional team of
experienced paranormal investigators and researchers. MPR combines a unique blend
of both humanistic values and scientific techniques which result in a well formulated
balanced approach to paranormal investigations and research. Along with our
adherence to a strict set of protocols and standards, our methods result in superior
client satisfaction, collection of quality evidence beneficial to the overall progression
of the paranormal research and investigative field,  and in some cases bring peace or
closure for the source of the haunting.


Here at MPR we serve in a tri-capacity.  This means we first serve the client with their
needs, then support the advancement of our field through collection of evidence and
data for further study and lastly try to address the requests of the paranormal.  We
have found that proper investigative techniques combined with the proper analysis
can sometimes result in a mutual and peaceful co-existence between the human
client(s) and their paranormal inhabitant(s) through consultation and other methods.  
When this is not achievable, we then consult the client on a wide range of possible
solutions to meet their needs utilizing intelligent analysis, research and proper
presentation.  The client is the one who makes the ultimate decision concerning which
solution is best for them. At MPR we will not abandon you and we vow to stay with you
until the end.

Most importantly,  we know how to or where to get you the help that you need.  Many
times we can even provide assistance without a full investigation.  Sometimes an initial
interview and simple research can provide you with an explainable cause or simple
solution to your predicament.  All of our investigations are done at no cost to you.  We
understand your fears and needs as most of the MPR members have experienced and
lived through a haunting themselves.  We know what you are experiencing and the
effects it may be having upon you and your family.  We care about you and the potential
psychological and physical dangers you and your family may be subjected to and most
of all we respect your privacy and wishes.  Our clients come first.  If you need our
services then please contact us ...

If you are someone who may need our services then click  HERE  to
learn more about how we can help you.


Here at MPR we have developed new philosophies and concepts concerning
investigations, research and other issues overlooked or ignored by the general
paranormal community.  We will be sharing these through a series of articles, guides
and other forms of presentations on this website and throughout the paranormal

We have also initiated a system of open field investigations involving better known
public hauntings, urban legends, and other not so well known places which provide an
extensive opportunity for the new and even experienced investigators to receive field
training and to gain further practice with their techniques and equipment.  This is
separate from our private investigative teams and allows members on our Open Forum
to participate and gain experience vital to both future clients and the paranormal field
alike.  This also dedicates time to just focus on the collection of potential data and
evidence to share with the paranormal community for further analysis.


Yes, at MPR we welcome the skeptics and non-believer as well.  These people are
some of the most important people for the advancement of our field.  Who better is
there to give possible "explainable" causes for anomalies captured on film and audio
or for other potential collected evidence and data?  MPR appreciates and values the
input from this other side of the fence as well.  In order to conduct proper analysis and
validation of evidence, the researcher or investigator first has to rule out all
"explainable" causes through recreation attempts or other methods.  The skeptic or
non-believer many times is the most important factor in this process
(9/9/06 - 9/10/06)

Join MPR & Friends for a night at the
famous haunted Waverly Sanatorium.

An 8 hour investigation of the haunted
Waverly from midnight on Saturday
9/9/06 to 8:00 a.m.  on Sunday 9/10/06.

All written word, photographs, design concept, and recordings (excluding
music provided with permission by the artist) are the sole property of Missouri
Paranormal Research (M.P.R).  Any use of any of these materials without
written permission of M.P.R. is prohibited.  All graphics on site are meant for
free web use by their individual artists.  Any reproduction for other than web
use is strictly prohibited.  

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artist and musician Wade Baird.

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