Welcome to the new Missouri Paranormal Research site!  

This is where we will be posting important updates, points of interest, and upcoming
events.   Anything that we feel is important for you to get direct access to.   The site is very
new.  There are many more areas and topics we plan on covering in the future.  This is just
the basic layout.  Can you believe that?  A basic layout?  Even now, MPR offers more
points of interest, articles, specialists, forums, and investigative help than most groups
out there on the web.  

In the coming months, it is going to become very apparent why we call ourselves "the
future in paranormal research and discussion."  We have some very exciting things and
concepts on the way, so you will need to check back often.

When building the site we decided that we wanted to make as easily accessible as
possible.  Even the slowest of connections or the lowest of screen resolutions will find
that the pages load easily here.  For those of you who have high speed connections, there
are little added bells and whistles throughout the site.  

The first place we would like to point out to you is the Investigative area of the site.  We
have just posted the final report for the Union Missouri Haunting.  No matter what you
have heard about this haunting you must visit this report for the final word on Union.  If
you haven't hear about the Union House then sit back and take the time to go through
everything the site has to offer on the subject.  

When you are done here at the site and you are feeling like getting involved in some
paranormal discussion, please click on the Paraforum page and be directed to the safest,
and friendliest forum on the web.  

Take your time and have fun!  We hope to see you back here many times in the future.  

Steven LaChance, MPR Founder & Administrator
Greg Myers, MPR & Forum Administrator
Greg sent me the following clips the other day from Ghostly Talk, the Internet radio talk
show.    It was so funny that I was on the floor laughing for a good hour.   Even though it is
satirical there are some things that ring true from past experiences that we have both
experienced.  And why not have a good laugh about it.   Maybe if we took the time to laugh
about the silly things in life instead of getting all worked up, we would all be better off.  So,
sit back and enjoy the two clips.  If you enjoyed them as much as we did, drop into the
Ghostly Talk website and tell them, "Alright (insert Dude here.)"

The Dude With The Computer
Steven LaChance, MPR Founder & Administrator

First, turn off the music to this page by scrolling to the bottom.

Second, let the clips completely download before pressing play.
Third, have fun.
                                    February 11, 2006

Steven and his family will be busy the next couple of weeks with the filming of interviews
for the Discovery Channel concerning the Union Missouri Haunting.

On March 4, 2006 we will be heading a joint follow up investigation on the private
residence where Tom captured the "once in a lifetime" photograph of a paranormal
anomaly.  This may incorporate members from 5 or more groups and be a "Paranormal
Task Force" of sorts.  Hopefully we will be able to further document this haunting and
capture more evidence equal to or better than before!

MPR's Open Forum is growing each day and has a multitude of very interesting
discussions currently ongoing.  We also launched a Haunted Classifieds as well on our
forum for the paranormal community.  The forum can be visited and joined by going to

Recently, MPR assisted a client in Indiana with a haunting which was starting to turn to
the more extreme side.  With long distance communication, proper analysis and finally
with a house blessing from a long time minister in the community the activity has come to
an abrupt end and the client is now back in their home sleeping safely.  
                                February 14, 2006

There have been many updates to the MPR website here including the posting of our
first submissions for placement on the
Shared Photo Page and the EVP Audio Library.  
Also a new article was added to the Articles section called
Para-Dangers and a photo tour
page was added in the Private Investigation section which will give the viewer a better
mental visualization when reading the Investigative Reports, etc.

Some other pages have been updated as well, so stay awhile and look around!  We are
glad to have you here.
                                    March 7, 2006

The joint follow up investigation of the private location where Tom caught his awesome
anomaly on film was completed on March 4, 2006 by MPR and Ghost & Haunts in Missouri.
 We had a very large professional team of 22 investigators with over 10 camcorders and
a large regimen of equipment including Tri Filed Natural EM Meters, Ion Detectors, etc.  It
will take weeks to analyze the hours of video and audio obtained along with the
hundreds of digital and film photographs.  Updates to the page concerning this
investigation will be done frequently as well as adding evidence results such as EVP's,
photos, etc. to the site.  

To keep updated on this recent investigation then bookmark the following page within
the MPR site:
                                  MARCH 10, 2006

Over the next couple of months we will be changing the music on the MPR Website to
that of Local St. Louis, MO and other independent musicians/artist abroad as well.  

An expample of this can be found on this page here:

Scroll to the bottom and you will see how due credit is given along with links on the artist
and/or sales of their music.

If you are such a musician/artist or know of some that would have music that would fit the
theme of the site on various pages then please send such material with permission to
use on our site and include the credit information, links, etc. like found through the
example page above.

We will also later create a Music Credit page on the site which will be dedicated to the
musicians/artist which are featured throughout the site along with their personal or band
bio, links to their sites and to the sale of their work.

This may also expand to graphic design artist, webdesigners, etc. in time.  Such
considerations for this area will be accepted as well for consideration.

This is a good way for local and independent artist to further their horizons while
introducing themselves and their art to those who may not normally see or hear it

Material and information can be sent to
                                   March 24, 2006

The analysis still continues on the private investigation that was held on March 4, 2006.  
MPR also conducted a private investigation of a business on March 18, 2006.  The
preliminary report and evidence including EVP and Pictures are being added daily.  The
new investigation area on the website can be found at:

We will have more follow up to these recent investigation as well as more new ones in
the near future.  We also have added three very talented ladies to our team.  Welcome
Sona, Melissa and Jody to the MPR Family and Team!!  Their pictures and bios will be
added to the "Meet the Team" page soon.

Now if you surf around the site you will hear a lot of new music on the site by local St.
Louis area independent musicians Rick Mester (Sombrance & Ishur Ninku), Wade Baird
(Sombrance, Spin Radio & Since Hector Was a Pup) and Ian Baird (Spring Clock Wonder).  
MPR want to thank these musicians for allowing us to feature their great work and hope
you enjoy it as well and support their talent.
                                    APRIL 4, 2006

MPR conducted a last minute investigation of the Arnold, Missouri Cemetery which has
been added to the Investigation Section of the Website and will be updated frequently as
evidence is analyzed.

Also there have been additions to the St. Louis Exorcism portion of the Website
including an article written by MPR and additional photographs of key places and people
involved.  This will also be updated frequently as well.
                                       APRIL 8, 2006

The haunting in Union Missouri is going to open up the 3rd season of the Discovery
Channels show "
A Haunting".  One very interesting point will be a St. Louis
Psychiatrist who will speak about demonic possession and how he believes that the
woman, (MPR's client) was demonically possessed.  We went through numerous hours of
interviews for this show and a tremendous amount of time has been spent fact checking.
  At Missouri Paranormal Research we are very excited about this case and this show.   

Also, we have just published new photo's from the St. Louis Exorcism case that have
never been published before.  We were extremely lucky last Fall to go out to specific
locations on this case and one of these locations has never before been shared with the
public.   We continue to do countless hours of research on this case.   Because, as you
will see, our investigation raised a few new questions never asked publicly before and
we are determined to find the answers.  Was the case of the boy just the start of things?
Are people asking the right questions?  Maybe it is no longer about the boy at all? Can't
say too much right now but we are very excited at the things we have been uncovering.
We have photo's of the locations and a photo team going out to gather more to back up
the things that we are uncovering.   
                                    APRIL 11, 2006

The MPR Annual Picnic was held on April 9, 2006.  It was a beautiful day which brought out
both Linda and her daughter along with a spectacular day provided by Mother Nature.

Some pictures have been posted on the site for your viewing pleasure.  Click
view the 2006 MPR Picnic Pictures.
                                       MAY 6, 2006

We have been busy updating the investigative files and other areas of the website.  The
reports, including evidence such as EVP's, photographs and videos, have been
completed for the Arnold Cemetery Investigation of 04/01/2006 (

Also, the final report and evidence has been completed for the private business we
investigated on 03/18/2006 (
CLICK HERE).  We have also conducted a follow up
investigation on 04/22/2006 of this same Private Business.  The investigative report and
evidence posting has began and will be updated frequently. (

We also investigated some of the ruins of the historic St. Stanislaus Mission and Villa in
Florissant, Missouri on April 21, 2006.  The investigative report and evidence posting are
in process and will be updated frequently. (

The Zombie Road Investigative area of the website has been updated with the addition of
2 pages of photographs which can be accessed from the navigation bar by clicking

We also obtained some interesting photographs and EVP from an anonymous source
which involve the Colorado house where JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  These are
posted on the Photo and EVP submission pages of the site. (
CLICK HERE for Photos &

There has also been minor updates and additions throughout the entire site.  So feel
free to browse and see what else is new!!
                                      MAY 7, 2006

MPR is proud to announce that , Carol Baker, a "Traditional" Feng Shui expert will be
working with us over an indeterminable amount of time.  Carol who is an advanced
graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute and who studied under the direction of
world-reknown Master Dr. Larry Sang is currently conducting case studies on the
relationships of Feng Shui and paranormal activity.   As such, she will be adding a very
valuable and specialized service for some past and future clients of MPR which will now
receive a very detailed Feng Shui analysis and report of their residence or business
along with professional suggestions on how they can possibly improve the positive
energy within their homes to benefit their family or business through traditional Feng
Shui methods.

This is a very interesting aspect that dates back thousands of years into Chinese culture.
 I am very excited about this relationship.  Thus far she has already done an analysis and
report for one of our current clients and also for one of our investigators which lives in a
haunted house with a history of murder.

For those wishing to know more about Carol, Feng Shui, and her private Feng Shui
business can do so by visiting her website at:    
                                     JUNE 9, 2006

There have been a few updates to the site to include a mini-investigation conducted at
the urban legend "Satan's Tunnel" near Hawk Point, MO.  The report, pictures and EVP
can be found by clicking

We also updated the Zombie Road investigative area due to request from people like you
who wanted to know what the general are looked like, visual markers, etc.  There are
many pictures added to this area including daytime walk pictures and also some from the
WF&P Rail Road Association miniature train rides which transverses the urban legend
"Zombie Road" area!  These new picture sets can be viewed by clicking

Some new pictures including a very interesting Ouija Board Video have been added to
the Photo and Video section.  These can be viewed by clicking

We have also added a links and rings page to the site to feature banners of other sites
we enjoy and recommend and of webrings we are members of.  This new page is located

With assistance from others, we have started to design various banners for linking to
either the MPR Website here or to our online Para-Forum at  We
will be adding more as they are received and reviewed.
                                    JUNE 10, 2006

There are two very important updates concerning MPR.  First, the Union Haunting will be
featured as the season 3 opener on the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" series.  This
episode will also include interview clips with Steven, Linda and her psychiatrist and
possibly others involved with the actual haunting.  This should air sometime in October
2006 so stay tuned to the program listing for this show.

Second, the short story written by Steven concerning his short lived residency at the
Union House has been placed into the book "Weird Hauntings" which will feature
collection of such haunting related stories and published by the Sterling Publishing
Company.  This was originally scheduled for release in June, but has been pushed back
to September 2006 now and is available for pre-order though most major book
distributors.  We have heard that this collection of stories will be a ghost hunter's and
reader's "must need"!
                                     JUNE 12, 2006

MPR would like to announce that one of our featured musical artist on the MPR Website,
Spring Clock Wonder,  has just released their new album "Confessor Moon" which can
now be bought online!  Just click on the album cover below!
                                     JUNE 27, 2006

There are quite a few updates to post.  First, On June 24m 2006 MPR just finished
another investigation of the private location where the glowing ghost and fire on the
stairs pictures were captured on previous investigation.  This was a very complex
investigation where we also jointly worked with MPIA - (another
Missouri paranormal investigative and research team),  a special Feng Shui team headed
by Carol Baker of Balance Feng Shui - and the film crew of Exspiro
Productions - - which filmed and interviewed many of the
joint team members and investigative procedures for an upcoming full 2 hour paranormal
documentary which will be titled "The Other Side" and released in 2007.  This was a great
investigation in which I hope great evidence was captured to further assist the
paranormal filed in its advancement.  Reports and evidence will be posted on this site

Also we have some upcoming radio appearances to announce as well:

1. Steven LaChance and Melissa of MPR will be featured on the Karen Stratman show on
Thursday June 29, 2006 which airs on KLPW 1220 AM Radio out of Steven's hometown of
Union, Missouri from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. -

2. Steven and Greg of MPR were invited back to appear on Rob McConnell's X-Zone radio
show on Tuesday, July 25th from 10 to 11 p.m. PDT which is actually July 26th 12 to 1 a.m.
CST our time here. -

2. Steven and Greg of MPR will be guest on the Lou Gentile Show on Monday July 24,
2006 from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern Time (7 to 9 p.m. Central Time). -

3. Steven and Greg of MPR will also be guest on Full Moon Radio here soon.  They were
scheduled to appear on August 27th, but due to scheduling conflicts and restructuring
their format this had to be postponed with a new date to be determined.

We also have another follow up investigation of the urban legend Zombie Road area in
July 2006, an investigation of a potentially extreme haunting in the Ironton, Missouri area
and a possible investigation of a very historical location with possible ties to the St.
Louis Exorcism in the St. Louis area as well.
                                      JULY 1, 2006

MPR would like to announce that Carol Baker of Balance Feng Shu, who is a "Traditional"
Feng Shui expert working with MPR doing case studies on the relationships of Feng Shui
with paranormal activity and hauntings for a possible book in the future will be a guest
on 'X'Zone Radio on July 4th from 10 to 11 p.m. CST - so if you have questions you can call
into the show or just listen to her.  The 'X' Zone website, which has a live stream feed to
listen online, can be found at:

The archive of the show can now be listened to during July for free at:

Carol's website can be found online at:

Also, her very interesting article concerning feng shui and the paranormal titled
"Hauntings And Feng Shui: Avoiding the Paranormal Home" can be found on her site at:
                                     JULY 18, 2006

Another investigation of the Urban Legend Zombie Road area was conducted on July 15,
2006.  MPR worked jointly on this with two other great groups in Missouri,
Paranormal Investigative Association (MPIA) and St. Louis Paranormal and Investigative
Team (SPIT).  The preliminary report and evidence is starting to be placed on the MPR
site and can be viewed by clicking

Also, preliminary reports and evidence from the June 24th follow up of the private
location where the glowing ghost and fire on the stairs pictures were captured
previously can be viewed by clicking

During the June 24th investigation,
Exspiro Productions filmed various footage and
interviews for their upcoming paranormal documentary titled "The Other Side" .  Their
preliminary trailer for this has a clip of Steven LaChance, the MPR Founder and
Administrator, in it.  This trailer can be viewed by clicking

MPR has also joined the ranks of the MySpace generation and we have launched an MPR
MySpace area at:  - check it out when you get a chance!
                                   AUGUST 2, 2006

The music of two more great local artist have been added to the websites background
music.  They are
Brain Regiment on our Legal Advocacy Page and StillLine featured on
Union Haunting Client Page.  Be sure to check them out on the site and live!

There are a couple more radio announcements as well:

1. Steven of MPR will once again appear on Rob McConnell's X-Zone radio show on
August 9th, 2006 (Actually August 10th) from 12 to 1 a.m. CST  -

2. Steven of MPR will appear on Magick Mind Paranormal Research Radio on August 31,
2006 from 3 to 5 p.m. CST -

We are also looking forward to our Waverly Hills Investigation in September.  So far there
will be members of MPR,
MPIA, SPIT & our online Para-Forum.
                                 AUGUST 3, 2006

I would just like to take some time and mention that Steven M of MPR has been working
very hard and has designed a MPR Portal page which seems to act as a hub for
everything MPR has such as the Forum, Website, MySpace and etc.  The MPR Portal Page
can be visited by going to

Steven M has also added a specialized Chat Room to his server and MPR will now have
weekly chats from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.  They may last longer, etc. and the room is open 24
hours a day, so you never know who you may find there to chat with about paranormal or
non-paranormal things!  This chat room can also be found on the Portal Page mentioned

Also, there are very detailed instruction on our Para-Forum on how to register for the
chat room, etc.  
Click HERE for those instructions.

THANK YOU Steven M !
                                   AUGUST 10, 2006

MPR has haunted myspace and joined the ranks of the myspace generation!!

The MPR myspace page can be visited at:

MPR Founder, Steven LaChance, can be visited at

MPR Co-Administrator, Greg Myers, can be visited at

As soon as the other MPR Team Members join the myspace ranks, we will pot them here!

Stay tuned as MPR investigates a Historical Route 66 Business that may be one of the
more active places we will be investigating this year.

Also, some new music has been added to the site from a local St. Louis group called
Shock Session which features MPR's own Tom Halstead!!  

MPR is also working on its own Paranormal Internet Radio broadcast, as soon as this is
fully operational and passes all test we will unveil its location and schedule.

MPR would also like to announce that the Traditional Feng Shui consultant, Carol Baker
of Balance Feng Shi, who has been conducting Feng Shui analysis and studies on
locations where paranormal activity has been experienced and documented for a future
book has released two great "Do It Yourself" Traditional Feng Shui Guidebooks  in both a
home and apartment version.   These great guides will allow you to self evaluate your
home or apartment for a fraction of the cost to hire an actual Traditional Feng Shui
consultant to do the same thing.  These are available in E-Book format from her website
Music provided by local St. Louis
artist and musician Ian Baird.

To learn more about Ian and his work
click his picture above for his my space
or visit the official Spring Clock Wonder
website at :

"All We Ever Needed"
CD: Not Yet Released
Artist: Ian Baird
Credits: (p)(c) 2006 Ian Baird

(9/9/06 - 9/10/06)

Join MPR & Friends for a night at the
famous haunted Waverly Sanatorium.

An 8 hour investigation of the haunted
Waverly from midnight on Saturday
9/9/06 to 8:00 a.m.  on Sunday 9/10/06.


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