One of the ways that MPR differs from most investigative groups is that we not only use science in
our research, but we also understand there are  times when you need to turn to the esoteric side
of the paranormal for help and guidance.

Numerous times during the investigation of the Union House we were confronted with questions
that were spiritual and sometimes concerning magic in nature.  We use to joke that in order to deal
with a bad witch it takes a good witch, and our Madame is the greatest of the good witches out
there.  Every time we came to Madame with a question, she had the right answer on what to do and
how to deal with it.  Madame saved us during a very dark time when we were confronted with
someone wanting to perform a black magic ritual in the Union House.   

Madame not only acts as our spiritual advisor, but she also runs another board for MPR which
deals with the esoteric side of life.
Please drop by and join Madame Star's Open Forum.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be!  Click here to enter Madame Star's World

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