Legal Advocacy for Your Rights

Here at MPR we believe in our Client's and their rights.  One of those involves your
rights when you either purchase, rent or lease a place to reside in or to conduct
business.  There are many times that someone buys or rents their first dream home
and they get something a little extra with it.  They move in, many times with small
children, and then things start going bump in the night.  The bumps escalate into
screams and sometimes even into a full blown haunting with negative or "demonic"
like aspects.  The family can become terrorized and even flee their home out of the
"fear of their lives" and "safety of their children".  In many of these cases these
families can invest their life long savings into such home or even many months of
savings to place a deposit along with a first and last months rent while signing a lease
committing them to a one year minimum stay.  They flee for their lives and safety and
then become further victimized due to the financial losses they suffer as a result.

In many of these cases the seller or owner renting or leasing the property knows of
the haunting or paranormal activity taking place within the property.  Many times they
have seen the turmoil of others over and over again due to the "unknown" they have
been aware about for decades and sometimes even have experienced its terror
themselves.  To them you become financial security or their "ticket out" and you are
left with being victimized by their deceit or lack of humanistic values.  In most cases
you are left with both the terror and the financial loss without any recourse or

We have seen this happen to families and even our founder has fallen victim to such.  
Since we believe in you and your rights by putting you first, we at MPR will be fighting
on the front line and in the trenches to keep you from falling victim to such.  At MPR
we are currently assembling a very experienced team which will lead this fight for
your rights!  We will march upon the lawmakers, the people who you pay their salaries,
and demand that they do more to protect you from such knowing sellers or owners.  

We will present model bills with well thought out language to enact or strengthen
existing "Haunted House Disclosure" and "Psychological Impact" laws.  Laws in which
you will be fully protected from becoming the next victim of that seller or owner who
just sees you as a dollar sign or their ticket out of a bad situation.  Laws which protect
you as either a buyer, renter or lessee of any property with a known history of the
unknown or a very strong potential of becoming such a place of terror.

Our research teams are currently trying to assemble a reference guide to make
available on line here which will outline all 50 States with a listing of their current
specific disclosure laws or their lack of such laws to protect you from becoming a
victim of this issue.

Contact the staff at MPR,

- If you currently know of such a law or lack of in your or another state then please
send the information or citation of such to the staff at MPR for further study and
inclusion in our soon to be released guide.  

- If you have been victimized by such and wish to share your story for possible
inclusion on the MPR website or for material use to present to legislative committees
and lawmakers as supporting evidence for the passage of such laws.

- If you just want to assist us in this legislative and law making campaign in your state
or area.

- If you are a current legislator and wish to sponsor such proposed legislation.

This page will be updated frequently as our campaign to protect you and rights
launches and progresses.
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