Mark 5:15:
When they came to Jesus, they saw the man who had been possessed by the legion
of demons, sitting there, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid.

1 Tim. 4:1:
The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow
deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

Rev. 18:2:
With a mighty voice he shouted: "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has
become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every
unclean and detestable bird.

Demonic possession
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"Demonic possession is the belief in a form of spiritual possession; specifically, one
or more demons are said to enter a living or dead human or animal body or an object
with the intention of using it for a purpose, normally evil but sometimes instead as a
punishment or test. This term is more commonly applied to possession of living
persons. It is said by several spiritual belief systems that a demonic possession can
be "cured" by an exorcism that enables the exorcist to expel the demon or demons

from the possessed subject or object."

When I first encountered my first paranormal research group, one of the first things they
wanted to assure me was that,  "A haunting was nothing to be alarmed about.  A haunting
was nothing that could harm you or your family.  A haunting was something that generally
can be lived with in harmony.  To be actually dealing with an evil or demonic haunting
would be like winning the lottery."  

Darn my luck!  I had won the lottery!  Not only had I won the lottery, but the current resident
living in the same home that I had been run out in the middle of the night, had won the
jackpot with me as well.  That is how I met my friend Linda Marsh.   That is how the both of
us have come to this point of our lives.  We are here to tell you, without a doubt, that there
is evil in this world that you cannot imagine.  Demonic possession or oppression, is a very
real concept and affliction.   That not only are you and those you love able to be possessed
but your home and belongings are also vulnerable as well.  

I, myself have been delivered from demonic oppression.  I cannot begin to tell you the
nightmare of living as one of the oppressed.  Each day was a battle for my life.  Each day
was a battle for the well being of my family and those I love around me.   I lived each day
with this feeling of being cursed.  Not simply cursed, but I felt damned.  I now understand
how I got to this point.  I now understand the spiritual battle that wages not only within me
each and everyday, but in each of you as well.  

Linda was even more unlucky than I was.  I was merely oppressed.  Linda had stepped into
the beginning stages of full blown demonic possession.   The demonic had completely
taken over her life and was now moving in to capture her soul.  Linda experienced, and
demonstrated suicidal, and homicidal actions.  She has been physically attacked by unseen
forces which left her body marked with bruises and bite marks.  She had significant
amounts of lost time due to complete blackouts.  Linda would display numerous
personalities in the course of one day, sometimes within one conversation.  Her daughter
following  her down the same road shortly behind Linda.

I know you have to be asking yourselves, "What kind of people are these?"  Well, we are
not murderers or rapists.  We are not satanists or cultists.  We are normal people who were
thrown into extraordinary circumstances.  We were surrounded by people who meant us
harm then and still do today.  People that deliberately took us down the wrong roads with
false solutions and lies.   We are just like you.  What is the difference?  Simply, we were in
the wrong place at the wrong time.  We both unknowingly chose to move into a house that
was possessed.  The case is well documented.  Go through the evidence provided here on
this site.  Read the Union, Missouri investigation.  Hear the EVP's, the voices of evil.  See
the photographs, the faces of the damned.  What happened to us, could easily happen to
one of you, or to one that you love.  Wrong place.  Wrong time.  It is becoming more
common than what you would think. We are standing on the edge of a demonic pandemic.

According to a close member of the clergy, "Cases like the Union case will be common
place within a five year period.  You can see the evil growing within the world."  This is not
an uncommon thought throughout the leaders of churches today.   Example, as of this
writing today I have helped over 100 families within extreme haunting circumstances.  The
majority of those cases, resemble the demonic in many ways.  Go out there on the
paranormal chat boards and frequently you will find topics such as, "Are extreme hauntings
on the rise?"  This is a very common question that is being whispered throughout the
paranormal community and no one seems to be brave enough to answer it.  Sure, Lorraine
Warren, who I feel is an angel on earth, is out there talking about the origin of evil.   See
what happens when you go out to these same chat boards and mention the Warrens.  Want
to see verbal crucifixion mention the Warrens ideas of evil.  I am here today to tell you that
the Warrens were right and the rest of you, "ghosts can't hurt you types," are wrong.  

Each time an investigation team walks into a haunted location, they are rolling the dice.  It's
a gamble.  It is a gamble each time they go out.  What is sad it is a gamble that they do not
see or want to believe is possible.  I actually dealt with this one group of two investigators
who felt something evil within the home immediately and we never heard from them again.  
Ignore it and it will not happen to you or it will go away.  This is foolish when it can happen
to you.  When it will not go away.  Why would you want to close your eyes to the possibility
of walking into a demonic haunting?  It is there.  It can happen.  Wouldn't the smarter thing
for you to do,  would be to prepare yourself and your team for the possibility? Not being
prepared is a foolish and irresponsible act by every group that would prefer to think that it
is like winning the lottery and that it would never happen to them.  

We were foolish.  We didn't want to believe that we were standing on the edge of evil and
we were about to jump right on in.   Lorraine tried with everything she could tell us in order
to get the point home to us that we were dealing with evil.  That we were in danger.   
However, when we were waste deep in the bile that is the demonic, we were the first ones
running into the church screaming, "Father help us."  A foolish act when considering the
help that we needed was just a simple prayer away, a simple turning over of our arrogance
to the possibility of the eternal battle of good versus evil.  Don't you be foolish to.  Give
over to your arrogance now and prepare yourselves for the possibility of the battles ahead.

That is what we are doing here.   We are here to help those experiencing extreme
hauntings.  We are here to find help for the possessed and the oppressed.  We are here to
help those groups who believe in the possibility that we could be headed into the most evil
of times ever known within the history of man.  

We are now ready to share our story.  We are now ready to make a difference.  To pay it
forward.  We have the responsibility to you and our community to share and prepare them
for the possibility to come.
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